BAYOU HEALTH Louisiana has changed their Medicaid and LaCHIP to now be called Bayou Health.  In Bayou Health the individual chooses a Health Plan and provider for each member of their family who has Medicaid or LaCHIP.  For more information you may call with questions 1-855-229-6848 Monday – Friday 8AM – 6PM to enroll or talk to an agent.  Additional information may also be accessed

Currently five (5) plans are available for residents of Louisiana to choose and each plan has different options available for their members.  Access the compare health plans chart to see the plans side by side for a comparison. 

Medicaid provides medical benefits to low-income individuals and families.  Approximately 1.2 million residents of Louisiana receive health care coverage through Medicaid and most are children under 19.  The Louisiana Medicaid Program operates within the Department of Heath and Hospitals.

            Qualifications for Medicaid:

  • Receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) from the Social Security Administration (SSA)
  • Receive through the Family Independence Temporary Assistance Program (FITAP)

You may also qualify if you:

  • Are disabled according to the Social Security Administration’s definition
  • Have corrected vision no better than 20-200
  • Are a low-income parent of children under age 19
  • Are a child under age 10
  • Are pregnant
  • Have no insurance and need treatment for breast and/or cervical cancer
  • Receive Medicare coverage and are low-income

To apply for Medicaid you may access the online application 

Or call the Medicaid hotline 1 888 342 6207 or go to any Medicaid application center

Information  regarding links to application for Medicaid, LaChip, LaMOMS, Family Opportunity Act, Breast and cervical cancer application, and Long-Term Applications

Mental Health Care is coordinated by Magellan.  This one statewide management system and they are responsible for coordinating care, contracting with providers and handling billing and reimbursement. 

Contact by phone  -800-424-4399 or TTY number 1-800-424-4416 if you are deaf or hard of hearing.   Visit the web site

You may access a member handbook regarding how to get services and other information that may be helpful. 


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